WinnComm Office Decor and Products Purchased

You read the title right, we're sharing with you EVERYTHING we've purchased along with pictures and perhaps a short story on why each product was purchased. This will be a constant blog post to be updated accordingly as we add more products that we picked up whether it's on Amazon, or wherever!

When the words, "Your first impression is the best impression..." come to mind, what do you think about? Professionalism, how one carries themselves and etc... Well in our case as a Public Relations, Marketing, and Development company, we are constantly bringing up to clients, "Your image is very important to your now and in the future, so make it the best image!" So, in short, for us here at WinnComm, LLC, "imaging" is extremely important to us, to say the least.

Did you know that one of our Founding Partners did about 98% of the work internally here? He's our goto everything tech, with over nine development languages, and then to have him as our goto for construction, handling all of the fixes internally himself. Let's say this to the least, he's one of the driving forces that you'll have on your team if you ever decided to bring WinnComm, LLC onboard!

So let's kick this off, shall we?

WARNING: Must have a sense of humor before reading onward, everything is written to help put a smile on the face!

Products Purchased (No specific order)

4x LeCrozz L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desks - Woah! Talk about the coolest desks ever, you don't need a fingerprint technician to process a crime on these desks, just look at all of the mess that shows up after touching one of these tops. They're a black tempered glass, let's only hope Jim holds his temper in check and doesn't put his hands too hard on his desk? (Note: Jim doesn't have a temper, just at times gets frustrated and his hands are pretty heavy... You get the point, but he's actually one of the most tell it like it is and actually a humble and one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet in this lifetime!




Set of Wood Flooring Tools - Note: Jim's hands are all tore up from this experience. 

Alera Valencia Series Reception Desk w/Counter Mahogany - A Backbreaker for Jim to handle this solo. However, the neighbors came out and asked him, "Are you really The Hulk in the real form?"




8x Sun Zero Easton Blackout Energy-Efficient Curtain Panels - When the big red thing in the sky is out, we can save a lot of energy and power if we drew these during the hot days! Then we'll save the geeks within WinnComm from venturing outside within the real world while up front within the reception area. The stereotype for any geek is so real, they think they're vampires! Well, we're here to accommodate everyone, even the vampires!

2x Probrico Brushed Nickel One Keyway Entrance Door Knobs Entry with Key Handles Keyed Alike Door Lockset Pack of 3 - Hmmm, Keyed alike in each package, so when you think you'll get two different sets of keys, well WRONG! You're bound to get the same cut!




Headline Sign - Double-Sided Open/Will Return Sign with Clock Hands - Wait until Jim enacts the WinnComm Nap Time to accompany the neighboring business' nap time from 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM... Because it's perfect to accompany Jim's addition to his office, will follow this product or the accompanying product that's used to hang this sign. (sigh)

Adams Manufacturing 1-3/4-Inch Suction Cup Hook, Medium, 3-Pack - We only needed one, but we suppose Jim will make use of the other two that are included. 







Barcalounger Relax & Restore Recliner, Black - Now here comes the winner, Jim was so excited to order this, as he thought, "This must be a typo for $106, after looking later, the price was $200... So he thinks, "SCORED!" It's all apart of his big plans on shutting down at 1 PM and napping for the next two hours until 3 PM and reopening. Does this guy realize that there's a business to run? Of course, he does, because he wants to do wake up time at 2:30 PM to ensure no one is too groggy and too tired to keep pushing onwards! The benefits are rewarding overall! Because the office will be open until 7:00 PM to accompany everyone's schedule!

4x Deflecto Business Card Holder - There has to be a way to accompany our business cards on the front reception desk, what a better and much cleaner way than just slinging them all over the place like Sharon/Jim is used when they ran their home office. ;-)





Black Snap Shut Brochure Box Brochure Holder - What a cool way to allow new people that haven't a clue what you do, take a flyer from outside and read the informational flyer and understand all we do? No, we're not for sale, it's only for informational purposes only.

WARNING: Do NOT try this at home, or someone may think your house is for sale!

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router, Open Source Support - The founding partners both, Sharon & Jim Couts are both avid gamers, and they absolutely love their internet to all degrees. When you're faced with dropped packets from the WiFi dropping and etc... Well, that's the case for any employee within the office space here. The internet will reach to the Kent Showare Center. ;-) 






K-Cup Coffee Lover's Variety Sampler, Keurig Single-Serve Coffee, 40 Count - We all know everyone loves a good cup of coffee here and there, well, every time you're in the neighborhood. Feel free to swing by for your daily free cup! Yes, literally, if you're in need of a cup of coffee, company, or just to say hello. Get a cup on us here!

Gaming Led Backlit USB Wired Keyboard (Black Keyboard) - We know who bought these for every computer within the building... Of course, we're professional, and of course, he (Jim) wanted to ensure we're the coolest office out there, even when typing! (BIG SIGH) 







Hamilton Beach 49966 Programmable Thermal Coffee Maker Flexbrew 2-Way Brewer (10 Single Serve K-Cup Packs Or Ground), Thermal Carafe - What a perfect way to start or get through the day? One side will be dedicated to hot water for the tea drinkers, and one side is for the coffee junkies.

4x Mailiya AC600Mbps Wireless Adapter Mini USB Wifi Adapter Wireless Network Adapter, 802.11ac Dual Band 2.4G/5G - Who thought we needed these? Well, some of Jim's custom built computers are in need of speed, due to his coding abilities, he had to upgrade for a whole whopping $14.65... He broke the bank with this one, and guess what? This guy codes like no other, after 20+ years and nine languages later, no wonder why he is the way he is. He's the backbone of WinnComm, LLC! Then we're completely wireless within our office. Meaning, there's no ugly wires sticking out like a sore thumb! 






2x Stick-on Anywhere Portable Little Light Wireless LED Under Cabinet Lights 10-LED Motion Sensor Activated Night Light Build In Rechargeable Battery Magnetic Tape Lights for Closet, Cabinet - Lightsaber come to mind, (Star Wars) this was Jim's actual thinking, then seeing how Sharon ran out of the building not wanting any partake in this episode... No one was harmed while this was taking place. 

Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush Caddy Set - Please note, Jim does not do offsite work with toilet cleaning/clearing for clients... He's strictly our janitor. :-(






4x M-D Building Products 73897 4-Inch by 60-Feet Dry Back Vinyl Wall Base, White - Talk about some weird things happening around WinnComm, LLC. We have seen our founding partner Jim trying to kick and scuff these up since they were washable... We hope he understands to never believe the comments and hype from others stating, "Oh they're so easy to clean." Then a permanent marker was used... No wonder why he had to buy an extra set of these. 

Dap 25053 Weldwood Cove Base Adhesive, 1-Quart - Seriously, where did Jim learn his do-it-yourself tactics on self-help and ensuring he would feel better by the days end? Literally, had a runny nose, fixed this instantly by clogging his nostrils with this stuff? We tried to warn him it's cool to the touch, but hard when dried. :-( 







WIFI Video Doorbell, Intelligent 720P HD Wireless Alarm System Security Camera, and PIR Motion Detection two-way Live Audio & Video,Night vision, music indoor chime - We knew he should've bought the Ring doorbell camera, they actually mislead poor Jim, and it made him leave a feedback on their product. As we all know, Jim speaks very candidly about what is right, and what is wrong... Then the fact, it was stuck in the mode of sending constant reminders there's activity to his phone.

While in meetings, talking to people, phone in the back pocket. He was so embarrassed and always asked everyone to hold on while he would check the door every three seconds of the day... He literally didn't sleep at all the first night with his phone constantly pinging him non-stop. Jim stated, "Why did they lie to me about it being cloud-based and then said it's easy to turn off push notifications..."

6-Outlet Wall Tap Surge Protector- Top Power Strip w/ 6 Power Outlets + 2 USB Ports- Portable Wall-Mount Socket - Best Power Surge Protection & Smart Charging - There's not a day that goes by without Jim ensuring all of WinnComm's products are secured from power surges and the likes since a power company blamed it on, "the wind" causing a huge outage at him and Sharon's house that caused over $4,000 worth of equipment to be ruined. Now he has a surge protector on everything he plugs into that requires or doesn't require a constant power supply. 








2x 64 Ft of 3.5" Angelo Foam Crown Molding - When he said, "Let's make it feel like home!" He wasn't lying, check out this product and what his plans were to be... The coolest/warmest office in Kent, WA!

16 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with 4 Port USB Charging Ports Multiple USB Output Surge Overload Protector 6.5 Feet - Jim literally has his desk plugged into this one, and said to us, "I need to order another already, I've run out of space... (BIG SIGH)






NETGEAR 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch - When the guy is a networking genius, he's already used this product up by plugging in every available slot with all of his CAT6 cables within his development 30U rack that's within the server room (his man cave). We're humbly waiting on him to state, "We need a bigger switch!"

Flash Furniture 23.25'' Round Aluminum Indoor-Outdoor Folding Bar Height Table with Base - Jim wanted to see what pole dancing was all about, and actually signed up for a class himself. Let's wish him luck with this! We tried to warn him it's pretty hard to do with heals, but a great cardio/workout!






Carpet Fresh Rug and Room Deodorizer with Baking Soda 14 oz Mountain Essence Fragrance (Pack of 12) - We're unsure why he bought a pack of 12, but we saw him next door trying this out in one of the adjoining businesses. We suppose his Greek nose picks up on the smells quite quickly...  

Black+Decker AIRSWIVEL Ultra Light Weight Upright Vacuum Cleaner - DO NOT INQUIRE ABOUT THE COMBO PACKAGE HE SCORED ON! This guy is on a mission for what's to be done around the office, we're only hoping this is for Halloween. He's literally the best woman's cheerleader out there in the world! Let's only hope he doesn't dress up when it's time to do the carpets on a daily basis... 

Combo Package Deal "SCORED!"

CHICTRY Mens Sexy Maid Role Play Costume Outfits Boxer Briefs Underwear Lingerie 4Pcs Set Black One Size - We're hoping the curtains are drawn when it's cleaning time after business hours. (7 PM)







Viz-Pro Dry Erase Board, Melamine, 48 x 36 Inches, Silver Aluminium Frame - You should've seen Jim when he got notified that OnTrac claimed a natural disaster held this back from delivery on the day promised... He was literally suiting up for the world to end. Then to find out that the driver's truck just broke down? There's hope for yet our founding partner Jim Couts on pulling himself together from this... 


Coaster Home Furnishings Coat Rack with Umbrella Holder, Satin Black Finish - We're not sure why he tried to climb up to the top of this, his words, "I'm stress testing this with 220lbs. Let's see if it holds me!" We should've been recording this episode. 






Electronic Keyless Keypad Door Lock - Here he thought he was working at the Pentagon earlier this week after installing this. Using his RFID cards like he was apart of some sort of high-ranking figure there at the Pentagon... Oh, the world is in trouble now, his man cave is secured with this new device, and he actually coded something pretty cool to accompany this so he's notified immediately when it's opened on his phone. Talk about a pretty cool guy, but you should've seen him right after it was installed!


Rubbermaid Commercial Deluxe Carry Cleaning Caddy, Black - Here we thought the combo deal above was bad, imagine him running around with 12 cans of carpet refreshers in this caddy and the outfit? This is something we're glad he's dedicated 9:00 PM as cleanup time.







Wireless IP Camera with Two-way Audio, Night Vision Camera - We think the best thing about Jim, is his compassion for everyone's safety, once this one is installed in a very secure location off the building to keep an eye out for the whole parking lot. We believe the other businesses will appreciate this in case of any issues around the office complexes.

6x Decorative Curtain/Drapery Holdback - We tried to tell Jim, "This isn't your climbing picks that you use while out rock climbing... Please leave these here at the office, that way we have a way of tying back the curtain panels!"







4x Blackout Curtain Rope Tieback, BUZIO Hand-knitted Cord Rustic Cotton Holdbacks - Easy Knot Loop Connection, Gray - We're trying to figure out what Jim was doing with these before tying back the curtain panels, he actually said out loud before one hit him in the eye, "I'm trying to juggle these things, how does it look..." *THUNK* One black-eye for the road!

Duo-Pan Dustpan & Lobby Broom Combo - Here we go again, let's only hope his above "COMBO PACKAGE" deal (Cosplay Maid Outfit) doesn't come into play while using this during normal business hours.

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