Why social media is having an impact on media and crisis management

Social media is one phenomenon that has brought many benefits to businesses of all shapes, sizes and industry sectors. However, the openness of the internet and the ability to post pretty much whatever you want in a public place that can, if it goes viral, be seen by thousands if not millions of people is having a drastic impact on campaign management services. But why is social media having such an impact and what should be done to protect business'? Well, this blog will explain why social media is playing an increasingly larger role in crisis media management and the steps you should be putting in place!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, most businesses nowadays rely on these platforms for a whole host of reasons. They provide a great public platform, they create audience engagement, the increase brand awareness, improve SEO the list really is endless. However, social media platforms are also proving to be extremely tricky in the case of audience feedback and the ability for customers to leave comments on public pages. There have been so many instances in the past few years where a crisis has emerged and the business in question has been unable to manage the crisis effectively because it has gained momentum due to social media platforms. Therefore, when it comes to crisis PR management, it is vitally important that social media is considered at all stages.

When putting together a crisis PR plan, social media can play an extremely important role. There is no longer the need to have to organise a press conference, as a press release can be drafted and sent out across the relevant social media platforms. It also provides businesses with an instant communication platform direct to their audiences. However, it is also a platform that needs constant crisis PR management as audiences will not only give their critical feedback during the time of a specific crisis but the majority of the time. Therefore, you will need to have a team in place who have been given training on how you would like them to deal with comments or issues raised on platforms.

It is also extremely important that during the time of a crisis, social media accounts are controlled carefully and the message put out across the different platforms, echo that of the business. It is important to send out a united message, therefore ALL members of staff who operate the business social media must be briefed as to what their next steps should be and the message they should be sending out.

Therefore, whether you are carrying out crisis management in Brussels, or any other country for that matter, social media should play a key role. It should both be carefully managed but also strategically used in the event of a crisis. It can play a key communications role and also deliver a clear, strong message from your business instantly. Social media is an extremely public platform and therefore should be handled with extreme care and caution at all times but especially in the times of a crisis.
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