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by .michael.newman.
Many people who are starting out on internet marketing will most probably have heard about marketing something online using articles, and many of them wonder

"Just what is marketing online with articles?"

That's actually known as article marketing to many webmasters, which suggests using articles to promote something online.

And in my own personal humble opinion, that's one of the most powerful and evergreen online marketing techniques to get massive traffic to a site, because of the nature of the internet.

So what's the nature of the internet? And why is knowing and understanding that so important prior to understanding what is marketing with articles?

If you observe carefully, the internet is a place where people primarily look for information to problems, researches and more.

For example, if you're doing a school project, or looking for a solution to your problem, you'll most likely first turn to the internet to find a solution. And that's true for almost everyone out there.

So if you have a piece of article online that provides helpful information, your readers are most likely going to look at you as an expert, and then trust a resource that you recommend.

In that way, they will be more receptive to what you're promoting, giving you targeted traffic and eventually, sales. And that's what you will want to work towards.

So in a nutshell, that's the basic principle behind the question "what is marketing with articles?"

However, another thing to note is that article marketing is actually very viral online. And we are going to be making use of that to have article marketing pay off for us.

Firstly, what is marketing with articles when there's nowhere for you to submit your articles so that a lot of people can find it?

So websites called article directories exist to allow expert authors to submit their articles for approval, for the purpose that they will be live online, ready for people to read them.

But there's another more powerful effect when you submit your articles to the article directories.

The truth is, article directories also act as places where webmasters go to, to get useful content to put on their websites. And that's where the viral effect kicks in.

If one hundred webmasters find your article useful and decided to use it for their sites, your single article becomes one hundred articles online in an instant, making it a hundred times more likely for people to read your article and head over to check out your recommendation.

But that also means that understanding what is marketing with articles and how it works is only the first step. What's really needed for this marketing method to work is a piece of good writing that will attract webmasters to share your content so it becomes viral.

So now that you know what is marketing with articles and how it really works online, it's time you try it out for yourself to see how powerful it really is.
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