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USA Landscape Materials Branding Story for Investors by WinnComm, LLC

Housing/Landscape Market:

The housing market is once again hot! Many families and couples are again buying homes. The average age for first-time homebuyers is age 34. Many markets are sizzling but the top 15 are:


Whether couples or families are buying for the first time, upgrading, downgrading or staying put, upkeep on their yards or landscaping is part of owning a home. Along with the housing market, landscape budgets are also “blooming”. According to Houzz, 56 percent of “homeowners are budging $10,000 or more on their current or upcoming outdoor projects where professionals are involved. Do-It-Yourselfers are spending anywhere from less than $1,000 to $10,000 (see chart). Other statistics show that homeowners spend an average of $1,000 to $1,800 yearly on annual yard upkeep.

So why are budgets blooming? There’s a variety of reasons, but as new families and couples buy homes, they also want to personalize and beautify their yards. The biggest trigger for upgrading their outdoor spaces is that they recently purchased a home (33 percent) or they finally have the money to do it (32 percent). Some homeowners just want to redo their yards. Some may also want to upgrade their yards to include more green landscapes that require less water or government incentives (see chart).

There are varieties of ideas available to homeowners to beautify and upgrade their entire yard, backyards or front yards. With magazines and Pinterest, inspiring gardening ideas are endless! And according to Houzz, “nearly ALL homeowners are upgrading one or more elements of their landscape or grounds. Ninety-six percent of homeowners are making upgrades!” Most gardeners/homeowners are upgrading their flower beds and borders, pathways, and lawns (see chart). The top three upgrades require purchasing of landscape materials such as aggregates, topsoil, mulch, bark, compost, etc. If homeowners decide to hire professional help, then the landscapers will purchase the materials for them, but, the do-it-yourselfers will have to do the research, purchasing and delivering of the landscape materials themselves. This takes time and homeowners are busy with work, kids, and aging parents. Who has time to research landscape materials, drive to the local landscape supplier or national chains, wait in line and then drive back home – with or without the landscape materials?


It’s time-consuming! In a recent survey by WinnComm, LLC, a few homeowners explained they’re experienced like this:

  • “Horrible wait times”
  • “It took forever to find what I needed. Almost a week.”
  • “I had it delivered. It took too long to find a supplier.”
  • “I did have to go myself and pick it. It would have been so much better if they could have delivered it. I look on the Internet to find what I was looking for.”
  • “The last item was river rocks. I went there and picked out the size and then brought them home in my truck and unloaded them myself. YUCK!”
  • “Took forever to find the right materials, about four days hunting down a supplier in my area.”
  • “Searched online for a supplier. Then I had to go there and look at the product. Then had it delivered. I don’t like gardening much so I felt this process was time-consuming.”
  • “Researched local suppliers online, then went to a supplier to pick out material and had it delivered.”
  • “I ordered it. It took more than five hours to find what I was looking for until finally being on hold forever.”
  • “Picked up a truckload of bark from the local seller. The guy that put the big scoop in the truck was an ass! I wouldn’t go back if I don’t have to.”

Not all the experiences of homeowners were bad like the comments above, however, all of them had to go pick up the landscape materials. Think of the time, the gas and the frustration with wait lines and traffic.


USA Landscape Materials:

USA Landscape Materials is an online e-commerce gateway to bridge the gap between the suppliers across the United States with homeowners, land developers, landscape designers and others in need of landscape materials, such as topsoil, mulch, and bark. It saves time, frustration and money. And it’s convenient. You can research, order, schedule delivery all in one site:

Think about it! Uber, one of the largest taxi companies doesn’t own any fleet. Airbnb, one of the largest accommodations providers doesn’t own any real estate. Neither does 1800Flowers doesn’t have any nurseries or flower inventory. USA Landscape Materials doesn’t have any topsoil or bark or any other landscape materials. That’s where the small local businesses – the landscape suppliers – come in!

Our biggest goal is to become the Uber of landscape material purchases online, a one-stop shopping solution for any homeowner or land developer nationwide and possibly even worldwide. We also want to help the small business suppliers compete with the big boy retailers like Home Depot and Lowes. We want to be the only destination online shop to utilize our platform and leverage as their online marketplace to compete with Home Depot and Lowes. Many local suppliers do not have the ability for their customers to order their product online. USA Landscape Materials will do that for them. This allows USA Landscape Materials’ to have the biggest selection of products and allows us to earn a percentage of sales without having to invest in inventory.


The housing/landscape market is booming! Many homeowners are frustrated with the current process of buying landscape materials but are they willing to buy online? According to our survey, 66 percent said “yes,” while another 12 percent said, “I don’t know.” According to Forester Research, online retail sales are forecasted to reach $434.2 billion by 2017 in the United States alone! That’s projected to be 11 percent of all retail purchases. A lot of people are buying a variety of items online but very little is gardening and landscaping supplies. Why? Because it’s not available to order online in the current market! The top items that people are buying are electronics and appliances… items for the home (see chart).

Also, the highest online buyers are ages 25 through 64 years old… So, the housing/landscape marketing is booming; no one is purchasing landscape materials online and e-commerce is growing annually. Homeowners are frustrated with the current process and small local landscapers can’t compete with the national chains in online marketing. USA Landscape Materials is the answer that solves all these market issues.

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