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Launching Your Startup or Product

Launching a new product or company is an exciting and overwhelming time. You want to succeed. You want to make sure everything is done correctly and perfectly. Our experts can help! We have launched many companies, including our own. Types of companies we’ve launched include B2B, consumer products, high-tech, and services companies. We understand what needs to be done to bring attention to your new company. We can help in areas where you may be lacking expertise, talent or time.

You know your startup inside and out. You have a story to tell. We can help you develop your story and tell it to your target audiences. Your story is your brand and we can assist you in telling your story through various channels. We can create a strategy and message that brings awareness of your product or service. Our strategy development includes online marketing, blog marketing, content marketing, media relations, social media and on and on. We can help you develop the image for your brand, design your website, or help you with SEO. Whatever it is you need, we have the expertise to get it done.

Every brand has a story. What’s yours? Does it align with your goals? If you’re not sure, we can help you! Need to learn more about storytelling and how it’s done in a Public Relations essential job duties? Read our Stories of a Public Relations Professional!

After developing your story, brand, and strategy for your launch, it’s time to pick a spokesperson and practice. Media training is very important to any company but especially to a startup. Your company’s reputation is non-existent so you have to make sure you tell your story, repeat your messages correctly. We provide media training to anyone designated as a spokesperson. We can even help you decide who the best spokesperson to tell your story.

All these various elements are key to ensuring your launch is a success. They work hand-in-hand and help your story build awareness, brand identity and customers. Even if you don’t contact us to help you, make sure your strategy includes everything we’ve discussed in this article.

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