Software Development

Software Development

WinnComm, LLC can offer your company custom software development for your product or solution. Whether you’re a start-up with a concept or an existing product that need optimization, we have the experts with the technical background you need to develop and deploy your idea. We will work within your budget and timeframe.

Our team of experts has over 20+ years of experience in software development in several languages to meet your needs in custom software or application development.

Could go on forever... We have you covered!

Top-Quality Custom Application Development Services

Custom Software Development

Need a made-to-order software product? WinnComm software developers will help you and your company in a transparent environment to build a solution that aligns with your concept for your business.

Enterprise Application Integration

WinnComm software developer expertise includes enterprise application integration solutions ranging from multidisciplinary platforms, programming languages to fit your required needs.

UX Design & Software Prototyping

WinnComm offers UX design and prototyping services, in turn, we will constantly update your design per required needs from your clients to you. We’ll assist with usability testing to evaluate and ensure your software product or application is simple to understand for your users.

Software Security Architecture

WinnComm custom software development experts have experience in software security architecture with the ever-changing flaws and security-related issues that pertain to this ever-changing world within the IT industry. We will meet all requirements from PCI-DSS to simple standards set forth by any large corporation.

Software Reengineering & Modernization

WinnComm will work with your team to update your solutions accordingly to your required needs that are ranging from Linux Kernel tuning to adding support for simplistic drivers, all the way to making sure your company has the proper channels and avenues covered for a solution being conceived to work within the modern times.

Virtualization Management

We provide and also assist from converting from P2V (Conversion over to Virtualization from a complex or new IT situation) Where we will convert your whole enterprise solution over to VM on your own cloud network, or use Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, within any operating system ranging from Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. We will assess, plan and build the whole infrastructure from the ground up. All licensing will depend on the client’s need for our recommendation.

User Training

User training is a viable requirement alike media training that we also offer to better the end-user (you) and developing the toolset that’s required to fully comprehend the customized software that’s delivered to you on or before the time required.


Software Q&A – Testing

Quality of your software requirements depending on testing EVERYTHING before it’s launched, we use an agile environment when it comes to testing and ensuring everyone has a 100% working solution delivered to them and ensuring all platforms that the software is developed for will be able to work flawlessly and effortlessly. Meaning we’ll make sure all of the bugs are worked out before we consider it, “Done.”

Maintenance – Support

Bottomline, your support is valued here at WinnComm. We’ll ensure that you have the award-winning and personalized support given to you 24/7/365 if you have purchased our support and maintenance package.

Why WinnComm, LLC?

Enterprise software is not just about displaying, using, and storing large amounts of data. And it's not as simple as establishing automatic business processes or making sure accounting and customer service can peacefully co-exist.

The right enterprise application software for your organization is more than just the sum of its parts. It's an overarching work environment that supports both your practical business functions and your unique organizational culture.

At WinnComm, LLC, our team of experts has been building enterprise software for a long time - over twenty years - and we've seen it all. No problem is too big, or too small. And nothing makes us happier than solving them.

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