Carpool Marketing

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Carpool Marketing

When you think of carpooling, what do you envision? It’s a team of people, on a journey, heading to one place together with the hopes of getting there the quickest way, while saving energy. That’s the idea behind Carpool Marketing. It’s getting your team – your whole team – heading in one direction, the quickest way possible to achieve your corporate goals without the hassle. In other words saving energy and time and achieving your goals all at the same time!

We all have a vision within the business development world, however there’s so many misguided visions within any organization while building up the “Dream Team.” Being able to bring everyone together to reach that goal. Riding in the quicker lane, getting where you need to be within the traffic. We’re not saying you need to keep your secretary where she is answering phones day in day out, include him/her when it’s time to get ideas from your team. Carpooling is defined as the “journey traveled with more than one, taking turns driving.” Here at WinnComm, we’re about equality within our everyday work. We believe it’s more of a joint effort on getting all teams to be as ONE. So we’ve coined and incorporated the term, “Carpool Marketing.”

Carpool Marketing by WinnCommas being the only goto umbrella when it comes to marketing. As we all know, social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, and etc… are all subdivisions on what it takes to define a well rounded marketing team within any company that is a startup within the business development stages or an already established company that’s been around for 30 plus years… You NEED Carpool Marketing!

What benefits will you gain with Carpool Marketing?

  • Reduced time within achieving goals
  • Helps streamline the approach on defining a new brand or rebrand
  • Everyone is acting all on the same page and know what direction you’re headed
  • Your marketing structure in perfect competition is so much easier to manage your strategic planning!
  • Your message is sent out amongst your teams as one in unity, where the information and knowledge is bar none the best out there!
What are the downfalls of Carpool Marketing?
  • NONE, because in Carpool Marketing, you’ll reach greater miles (kilometers for our true English associates) than ever before.


Carpool Marketing by WinnComm, LLC

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