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Online Blog Marketing Services & Software

Do you need help with Search Engine Marketing?

We have the ultimate online blog marketing software that has never been offered. Our software is proven to increase online search engine rankings for your company or product. Our goal is for your Web presence to see growth! 

How will you see growth? Our foundation is based on getting your product or company to organically rank on the top on all search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) We do NOT believe in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising or Click through Rate (CTR) Conversions. Most of the time, these advertising campagns result in less than 1.20932%. We do not consider this result as a success!  We believe that “naturally” seeding your web site and business through organic search engine rankings offers improved results. WinnComm’s BlogtoWinn software can do this! 

WinnComm will not only take your domain(s) to a new level. You will be surprised to see a CTR conversion of 85%! While we can guarantee this CTR increase, you will need convert the legitimate traffic to customer once they come! If you need help with business or product content, we offer services in public relations.

Below are our frequently asked questions. You may also want to check out our testimonials.

Question: How can you do this?

Answer: This can all be done on your web site, blog, or whatever you may be using to display your business online.

Question: How do you all do it?

Answer: We just do what’s needed, ranging from setting up blogs, setting up profiles, setting it all up from scratch.

Question: Can you teach me how this is done?

Answer: We will teach you the basics of online blog marketing, some services are not discussed, as it’s best not to give out all of closely guarded secrets.

Question: Realistically, how long does it take to see results?

Answer: Remember in realistic expectations, online search engine ranking does not work “overnight”, this is natural seeding, and you will see results ranging within two weeks from the date we start working on your project.

Question: Do you all use blackhat techniques?

Answer: Absolutely NOT, everything we do will lead to totally legitimate traffic, and legitimate techniques by our most experienced personnel.

Peaked your interest? Email us or you can purchase your online marketing solution done properly by us here at WinnComm for a montly fee, or order our BlogtoWinn online blog marketing solution. (Choose the package from the drop down that best fits your requirements.)

We do not segregate on what kind of web site you have or what niche you are in, ranging from A-Z.  If you have the technical expertise and would prefer to manage this software yourself, we will provide you with a server. To learn more, click

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