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Support Our Fire Departments: Random Acts of Kindness (R.A.O.K.) Week of the 24th of August, 2015

Wildfires are horrible! They destroy families’ homes, the environment and puts firefighters in danger. With all of the recent fires happening now, more and more Fire Professionals are braving the battle to save homes, business and forests and sadly some are not even coming home to their families and loved ones.

Fire Department of Washington State

All of us here at WinnComm, LLC are asking that everyone to take a moment out of your day and head down to your local fire department and deliver thank you cards and goodies, such as drinks, power bars, chips, Starbucks gift cards. Do it NOW until August 30th. Let’s show them gratitude and that the community cares about them and their fallen brothers and sisters. Ask your neighbors, ask your friends to help pitch in! It all starts with YOU!

We can’t do it alone, as our CEO Jim Couts and his fiancée and VP of Communications Sharon Couts will be delivering water and goodies to the Renton Fire Departments. Let’s all come together as ONE community and show appreciation to these men and women who put their lives on the line every time there’s a need. No questions asked. Just do it!!!

VP of Communications Shopping for our Fire Departments

Please note, we will NOT be taking any donations but please contact your local fire department to find out where donations can be dropped off. Here’s a link to our local King County Departments within Washington State. We are not affiliated with this website, it’s informational for those willing to share their appreciation!

Thank you in advance for showing our fire fighters that our communities do care!

Facebook Event setup for our R.A.O.K. rally to the communities in WA State can be found here:

Attention Press Release for Download: Any media outlets needing a Press Release on this, please down it here. We will be capturing photos along our path of delivery!


Orting Fire Department