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If you are a webmaster who is about to start his/her first online business or website, you probably know that it is not that easy to get high traffic to your site. In fact, nowadays it takes a lot more work to be successful online than it had been some years ago. The main factor that influences your success is that most business or website owners don't understand search engine optimization (SEO) and/or search engine marketing (SEM). These terms are widespread but most people believe it’s a way to get ranked high in search engines.

There are tons of webmasters and website owners who would like to know more about SEO strategies in order to kick-start their business. If you have enough funds to hire an SEO company to do the promotional work for you, you would probably not sift through article and article on the internet to learn more about SEO. However, if you’re eager to learn more this article is for you. There are strategies that will not only help you rank high in the search engines, but also prosper and do well in satisfying visitors or prospects.

Why do I need SEO & SEM to rank high?

The question is why businesses need to promote their websites well these days? Some years ago, everyone submits their website to a few of the established directories which resulted in an increase in traffic. Today, a few things have changed. The search engines have developed very complex algorithms in order to find relevant websites and separate them from the non-relevant websites. These algorithms are quite complicated and not revealed to anybody outside of the search engines.


The problem is that, in order to reach high ranking and traffic, you need to prove your website to be trustworthy and relevant. Relevance can be reached through search engine optimization, whereas trustworthiness is reached through the marketing and promotion of your website to other relevant and related websites. There are theories about a so-called sandbox or trust box that is used by Google, however, they have never been confirmed to be existing to 100%. This sandbox theory claims that every new website is put in a box for a specified probation period. While in the box, the site is not ranked and does not receive a PageRank. The trust box theory claims that the probation period is more likely to be defined by trusted and relevant backlinks.

Whether these theories are real or not, the fact is that you must optimize your business for the search engines and then promote it. The main thought is that you should try to gain as many one-way links as possible. One-way links also referred to as inbound links, are links that are directed to your site without your site to be linking back to that site. In the past, the so-called reciprocal links have been wide-spread in order to build your linking and prove your trustworthiness and/or relevance. However, these days, one-way links are more than appreciated and worth it!

How to approach? How to gain one-way links and kick start my business now?

This is a very complex topic and it is impossible to tell you about any existing and proved strategy at once. Nevertheless, there are some easy but time-consuming ways to kick-start your business’ website. Before you can begin, however, you need to first optimize your website. There are some resources on the internet that tell you about optimization etc.


After you are done, promote your website to (free) web directories first. Web directories provide you with one-way links without the need to link back to them. Well, in fact, there are a lot of directories that require reciprocal links back, but these are not the ones you should submit to. Submit to SEO friendly free web directories first, apart from the Open Directory Project/DMOZ. Then after you have done this exhausting work, write quality articles and spread them. Be active in forums. Publish a blog relating to your area of expertise and regularly write in it to attract readers and prospects. These are one of the main sources for getting your first traffic and backlinks, which raise your PageRank.

Now go on and find out about the variety of mistakes you can do while optimizing and promoting: Over Optimization.

While the most important thing in creating a web page is the designer a consultant knowledgeable in SEO is even more important if you want to have it show up well in search engine rankings. An SEO consultant can mean the difference between a cool page that nobody sees and a cool page that everyone not only visits but talk about.


A good SEO consultant will not only know the tricks of the trade but also how to use them best. An SEO consultant is as much an artist as the web designer. Whereas the web designer knows all of the tricks of the trade in creating a masterpiece of the internet the SEO consultant is the promoter that makes sure people travel to see it.

When choosing an SEO consultant to make sure to find one that is willing to not only work with your website designer, or you if you are doing your own website, but also understands your needs. Am SEO consultant is not there to diminish your website or interfere with its look. They are there to be sure that it is designed from the ground up to utilize as efficiently as possible all of their SEO tricks. An SEO consultant will blend their techniques invisibly with your website. In fact, that is how they have to work. The best SEO consultant will not even leave a visible footprint. They must be like the wind. A divine wind to protect your website and breathe inspiration into it.

The most important factor is to make sure that your SEO consultant can work together with your website designer as to not impede their efforts. Do what you did when you chose your web designer. Tell the SEO consultant what you need. Give them a time frame on when you need their services to work. Let them know what your future goals are and find out what they can do for you.

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