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WinnComm offers a suite of web development packages that are designed and catered per job specifications, especially with WordPress! We do NOT charge the same price for all clients because every job is unique. We quote your brand to be affordable and professional for your business. More than simply a website, we offer full content management, social media integration, social media management, analytics, and marketing components to get your company off the ground or to give it a fresh new look.

We leave the visions and dream to you, but we'll work towards those visions and dreams to make the ULTIMATE brand!

Visions and Dreams

… your visions and dreams are our visions and dreams to make come true! We don’t just sit here and wonder why the client wants to go with this way, or that way, we adapt and change with the client, and help facilitate the process to be smooth as possible!

With every new client, we start by getting to know our clients, their business, their goals and hopes, and dreams. We take a very personal approach to the development of an online strategy that tells our client's story in a way that connects with their target audience that converts visitors into customers. We say, “If you can sell it in person, you can sell it on your website.” It is our role to help our clients determine what it is about their company and themselves and their sales process that is unique and attracts and converts business in real life. We design with those nuances, features, and processes into their websites.


Execution is Key

… we’re not here to just develop your website, your web services and leave you be! We’re here to work side by side with you from conception to launch and beyond. However, there’s no end to all of our visions. As they change, we change with you! We GUARANTEE you that you’ll never be let down nor will you be left in the dark through the whole process up until go-live!

… we’re here to help you get started today! Your dreams and visions were more than likely conceived this morning and you were thinking, “Oh wait, this should’ve been developed yesterday…” We wholeheartedly understand this, every day there’s a new vision and a dream to make a brand greater than the next! So let’s get you started below:

  • If your website concept or job is from 1-10 pages: WinnComm WebDev One $4,000.00/USD
  • If your website concept or job is from 11-30 pages: WinnComm WebDev Two $8,000.00/USD
  • If your website concept or job is from 30-200 pages: WinnComm WebDev Three $18,000.00/USD

Notice the above pricing? Well, that’s wrong because we can’t quote you unless you come to us with your dream and vision. What we mean by this, is that we need to take everything into consideration. Do you have logos? Is your website already live? Do you just want to convert over to WordPress? There's NEVER one set price. However, if you're new to building your business online, it will be safe to say you can choose WinnComm and let us handle all of your branding, logo creation, content development and UI development! Whatever you need, we can do it!


Typically, online businesses have anywhere from 5-15 unique pages. They are typically designed to attract your specific target audience with a hero area that establishes what you do, targeted audiences, why you are unique. Why should clients or customers choose your product or service over your competitors? Hero areas are a great way to showcase your products and services in a way that will convert visitors into customers, using opt-in forms for lead generation. These sites are developed to have a more powerful impact on potential new clients.

Features available with the WinnComm WebDev sites include, but not limited to… Fully customized elements such as royalty free images and videos, sophisticated calendar and event management functionality, more in-depth ecommerce solutions, and even custom videos. All of our packages include advanced site features, research-driven SEO implementation, strategy for effective content marketing on your company blog. However, if you’re an enterprise looking for customized plans, and have a huge backing with investors ready to go. Do NOT hesitate in contacting us today! We’re always keen and willing to work with any size of business from a sole speaker to a 10,000+ enterprise.

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Engagement is Key...

Once you engage, stay engaged! ~Jim Couts/Partner

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