AUBURN, WA – December 8, 2017 – With over 76 million WordPress websites and 123 million themes and one billion plugins downloaded worldwide (codeinwp.com), developers spend a lot of time manually updating their theme and plugin codes. That’s why WinnComm developers created and launched a SaaS called WinnRepo, which is a versioning repository for automatic updates of WordPress themes and plugins. Not only does it save developers time, but it also informs developers of unlicensed downloads of themes and plugins through server requests. Developers then have the option to block that server’s IP address.

How does WinnRepo work?

Integration is easy! Developers are in control of their theme and plugin versions and can keep track of their changelogs in one location with WinnRepo’s admin control panel. And just like WordPress.org updates and upgrades, WinnRepo helps developers update seamlessly through the backend with a periodic check. Here’s how it works:

• Download one of WinnRepo’s class files and place it into the theme or plugin root folder.

• Then copy and paste two lines of code that is provided.

• When the new version of the theme or plugin is ready, simply upload it at winnrepo.com.

• Developers can now auto-update their themes and plugin.

Development Facts:

• WinnRepo has 340 development hours behind it

• Coded in PHP Laravel framework.

About WinnComm, LLC

WinnComm, LLC is a public relations, IT, software, website and web services development company that assists start-ups and existing companies with launching new products or services from conception to market sustainability and anywhere in between.


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