WinnComm Media Relations Event

::::WinnComm Media Relations Event

WinnComm Media Relations Event


This will be a single event where you can purchase more than one event with the quantity selector. Read more below…


This price includes a single event, which you can purchase more than one using the quantity selector above.

Our Media Relations Event will include the following:

  • One press release / media alert for the current event that entails this event only.
  • One time media outreach
  • One time follow-up to the media outreach
  • Coordinate onsite media relations
  • Coordinate with a 15 – 20 minute phone call for the company/organization speaker to be prepared as a “WinnComm LLC Huddle”. (We recommend our media training course to be purchased at least once. Inquire for more information on this for cost.)


  • Traveling to the site the media will be outside of King or Pierce County within Washington State
  • Crisis communications
  • Media strategy and planning

Note: All traveling within King and Pierce County should be coordinated with WinnComm LLC, as we need to ensure there’s no calendar conflicts for dates and times ahead of time. Please provide at least a 72 hour notice on when this will take place. Which will need to be as said, 72 hours before the actual event. We could work with within 24 hours, however please update us immediately to let us know the date and time. We aim to meet everyone’s needs for public relations!


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