PR Agency Can Help Your Business Grow

A quality PR agency is a valuable tool for growing your business. Public relations is a tricky business, and small companies who do not have their own in-house PR department can best handle this part of the business by enlisting the help of professionals. Public relations is all about getting your company positive exposure on a large scale with the right market. While you may have already enacted some marketing tactics that target a local audience, good PR will help you reach even further. With today's myriad possibilities in social media platforms, you can quickly obtain national exposure with the right tactics.

If you're unfamiliar with PR tactics, the first thing you'll need to do is consult with a public relations professional to talk about your options. Your PR agency should be willing to take on as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. Typical PR projects include newsletters, articles, advertising and direct-marketing campaigns. Though you may be able to tackle some of these projects yourself, there are ample benefits of hiring outside help. PR professionals spend their whole career cultivating valuable relationships with media outlets. They will know exactly where to target their campaign and how to get the best deals for each part of the project.

While PR is excellent for promoting your company to a new audience, it is also a valuable tool for saving your reputation with existing customers, if need be. Should you find yourself in a sticky situation facing a scandal or other negative publicity, a PR agency should be one of the first calls you make. These companies are experienced in diffusing these types of dangerous situations and cleaning up the aftermath. Bad publicity can be a big hurdle to jump, especially for a small company, but a qualified PR firm will help to make the leap as smooth as possible.

Picking the right PR agency is key to creating a good relationship that helps your business grow. Look for an agency that has specific experience in your line of business. PR for a food manufacturer is not the same as PR for a clothing company. Interview several companies before making your decision and ask plenty of questions. You should know exactly what services are being offered and how much they will cost. The PR firm should be able to offer you an idea of how and when you will be able to reach your goals for business growth. Finally, ask for references to get an idea of past success rates.
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Cyber PR for Musicians: Tools, Tricks & Tactics for Building Your Social Media House

Product Description
Digital PR thought leader Ariel Hyatt’s Cyber PR for Musicians is an accessible, effective, and empowering guide to online marketing success.

In her 18 years in PR, Ariel Hyatt has changed the landscape of how musicians build a successful marketable profile. With her latest book, Cyber PR for Musicians: Tools, Tricks, And Tactics For Building Your Social Media House, she reveals her trade secrets in an accessible and warmly written guide.

Ariel’s approach is centered around demystifying and harnessing the full potential of social media. In Cyber PR for Musicians, she cleverly uses the metaphor of building a house for building an online profile and, with grace and clarity, guides artists through constructing a robust online presence that will yield real results. Her book is digestible, divided into chapters that thread together an easy-to-follow priority-oriented plan. For example, she begins with a website as being the front door to a musician’s house, and, not only does she detail its importance, she offers realistic ways to get one constructed affordably. Cyber PR for Musicians also illuminates many tricks and techniques to maximize Facebook exposure. Here, she starts with the basics for newbies, but spans to break down more sophisticated topics such as Rdio and Spotify integrating with Facebook, and Spotify 
Analytics for Facebook.

Ariel is a recognized thought leader in the digital PR world. In her acclaimed career she has represented over 1,800 clients. Her game-changing work has been lauded by industry professionals and highly established media outlets alike, garnering her press in Oprah, CNN, Wired, Billboard, Hypebot and The Washington Post. Middle Tennessee State University offers a master class based on her innovative PR principles. Besides being the founder of a successful PR firm, she is an international speaker, educator, and author of three books on social media and marketing for artists.

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