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Others Like Us

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We walk by them every day. Young and old, short and tall, male and female. Homeless, trapped in poverty – some, in addiction. We avoid their neighborhoods, we avoid their corner, we avoid their eye-contact; we avoid them. We treat them as if they are different from us. But there is no us and them. There is only us.

OLU isn't a fashion statement. It's a human statement. This line has meaning. It brings meaning. It's an effort to connect to others like us.

Project Brief:

OLU, short for "Others Like Us", is a fashion brand that was launched with the purpose of raising funds, awareness, and engagement for Seattle's Union Gospel Mission – an organization that has been caring for the poor and homeless of Seattle.

Often marginalized by society, these people struggle with issues such as hunger, poverty, addiction, and more. Despite their struggles, each and every one of these faces has a name. They have a story. They are just like us. Others Like Us exists to serve these individuals as a mouthpiece and fundraiser for the Mission.

Excellent Results:

  • During the first three weeks of the launch, OLU sold $2,359 in revenue through media coverage and an additional $4,069 in revenue at the pre-launch. This is 64 percent of the annual revenue targeted for the first year.
  • Over 200 people attended the OLU pre-launch event
  • Overwhelming positive media coverage was garnered prior and during the launch. Stories were found in:
    • Q13 Fox online
    • KOMO TV and radio
    • KPLU
    • KIRO Radio
    • Huffington Post
    • Seattle Times
    • Real Change
    • Seattle Magazine
  • Facebook followers grew to 1,888 followers; Twitters; growth is a bit slower with only 63 followers and Instagram has 100 followers; Flickr generated 404 hits the day after the pre-launch party; the R.J. video received 1,320 views.

WinnComm Team

Our partner Sharon Couts strategized and managed this project from launch to completion. The project took eight months from beginning to launch.

Techniques Used

Public relations, storytelling, marketing and brand development, social media, event creation, photography, video, focus groups, blog marketing, online store, and email marketing.

Strong Brands

The project won a PRSA Totem Award in marketing communications. It was also recognized by Huffington Post as a creative way the Top 10 Cities Worldwide that are Working to Win their Wars on Homelessness.

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