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With Social Networking, Press Services, Ecommerce, and Affiliate Marketing

The client came to WinnComm with a vision over three years in the making. To build a social networking platform uniquely designed to combine specific industries within one integrative multimedia network. People told her it couldn't be done! WinnComm's talented team made it happen within five months.

Now the client's brand can offer artists, brands and entrepreneurs promotional support, a channel for distribution of merchandise and products, press services and wire distribution and opportunities for affiliate marketers as well. WinnComm has helped the client's brand expand its vision.

Ecommerce Shop

An ecommerce gateway for the social networking members or others looking to sell online without the hassle...

Social Networking

Bringing back social networking without the ads that are shoved down everyone's throat...

Press Services

Press services website will be the central point of press release services for the client with a 250k+ database of reporters...

Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate platform to help sell other products on the ecommerce store at a rate given by the client's company...

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Engagement is Key...

Once you engage, stay engaged! ~Jim Couts/Partner

Content Marketing...

You cannot succeed unless you know your story! ~Sharon Couts/Partner

Online Marketing

Is only dead, if you buried it before you even figured out the proper place to begin! ~Jim Couts/Partner