Valley Vehicle Licensing
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When one of your local licensing agencies here in the WA State are seeking a fresh new design to development, and unique reminder service and all sorts of bells and whistles were needed. We fulfilled this vision for the owner of Valley Vehicle Licensing of Covington, WA from conception of design to a final product!

Valley Vehicle Licensing


Web Development, Responsive, Social Marketing, Website Design

Project Brief is a corporate website for a Washington State licensing sub-agent that processes licensing fees and transfers titles. The owner wants a new fresh look of the content on the site that stood out using up-to-date technologies available with the goal of attracting new customers. Our WinnComm team worked with the client to create the perfect design. The entire project took close to two months to completion.

Technologies Used

Laravel PHP Framework, MySQL Server, Nginx + Apache + CloudFlare on the front-end.

Development of an app for iOS + Android also accompanies this project that uses JAVA.

WinnComm Team

The team involved in this project included our founding partners, and our web development and design teams. The initial project took close to two months to complete with over 320+ commits and 317+ hours for the reminder service, design and overall development to our development repository.

Strong Brands

Having a strong brand starts with knowing your audience and building a unique look, feel and experience to meet your target markets’ expectations. We’ll help you to determine your goals, create a quality design that is both elegant and professional, and a website that works seamlessly with all the current technologies.

Excellent Results’s goal was an elegantly designed brand, easy-to-use, and eye-catching web design to attract targeted audiences within their niche. We worked with the client to determine their goals and came up with a plan that worked for them and for future growth.

Initial Concept Planning

Our team prides itself on being efficient and thorough. Once WinnComm is brought onto your team to complete your project, we start the planning process the very next day! We know you want it done so we get the planning done quickly.

Production Time

Over 517+ hours of development within the backend and over 320+ commits to our Git Server. We made this happen in and two months.

Final Delivery

Project delivery happens once everything is tested, secured, and there are no bugs and errors. We made this happen! Initial project delivery on October 26, 2017

Conceptual Design

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