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Starting up an online marketing business seems like a dream come true for most. Working at home on your own time without a boss to oversee you has always been sought after, but before the internet it was almost an impossibility. Today it is entirely possible, but it's not so much sitting around and enjoying yourself as you may initially expect.

A standard online marketing business entails putting up a website or websites promoting a particular type of product or service and having advertisements mixed with the pertaining content. The advertisements can be through a number or services, though the most profitable and common is through Google. Affiliate marketing is also possible and can be extremely lucrative if handled properly.

Starting your own online marketing business begins at choosing your niche. Your niche is the topic and the keywords that you will be working with and need to create content on. For instance, a website whose niche is "professional fishing gear" will have content pertaining to the subject within the site.

Not only does the content on a website need to be about the niche, but it also needs to be search engine optimized. This process sounds a lot more difficult than it really is. Optimizing a site requires that the webmaster have the keyword placed a certain amount of times throughout article content and within meta tags. The keyword should also be within the domain name and the page title for the best results. There are several ways to approach optimizing a website, but the overall goal is to get search engines to notice it and put it in the search results. In turn, visitors come to the site and maybe click the advertisements.

Chances of visitors clicking the advertisements on your website vary depending on quite a few factors. The niche itself even plays a key part in your conversion rate, which is the percentage of people that click the advertisements. The niche, advertisement placement, layout, and content all play a part in how likely it is that a visitor will find themselves clicking on an ad. Use these factors to your advantage and plan before even choosing a niche so you can choose one that generally has a high conversion rate.

Getting into internet marketing and starting up your own online marketing business does not need to be difficult, as long as you make a solid plan before even taking your first real step.
One of the best ways to make money online today is through internet marketing. With a limitless stream of traffic, an internet marketer can continue to make revenue off of a site even after they have stopped putting effort towards it. Visit my site for advice on getting a marketing website up, and to take a look at some services we offer to get your web business up and running.
RONA / Proudly Canadian
Seen in my set entitled "Mississauga"[email protected]/sets/72157600987373042/ I've often mentioned that I work at RONA, which is a Canadian competitor to Home Depot and Lowes. When I was growing up, our family business (Pleasant View Farms) was engaged in the wholesale and retail sales of farm and landscaping/nursery supplies: hardware, fencing, pesticides, plants, hay/straw for bedding, containers, firewood, seed, clothing, paint and on and on. In 2002, after many years in various endeavours (museums, teaching English, marketing, I was accepted in the seasonal department at RONA, where I employed the skills and knowledge that I had garnered so many years before at Pleasant View Farms. If you visit while I'm at RONA, you'll likely find me in the greenhouse and/or garden centre. I also spend a good deal of time on the seasonal hardware floor. It's just part-time... a day or two a week, but it suits nicely. About RONA Rona Inc. The Group's principal activity is to retail and distribute hardware, home improvement and gardening products in Canada. The Group operates in two segments namely Corporate and Franchised Stores and Distribution. The Corporate and Franchised stores segment relates to the retail operations of corporate stores and the Group's share of the retail operations of the franchised stores in which the Group has an interest. The Distribution segment relates to the supply activities to affiliated, franchised and corporate stores. As of 19-Feb-2008, the Group had 77 Big-Box stores, 327 Proximity stores and 235 Specialized stores and 40 specialized ICI. Information General Links: RONA History 1982 - Ro-Na purchased the assets of Botanix. 1984 - Ro-Na created a purchasing alliance with Ontario-based Home Hardware Stores Ltd. through Alliance RONA Home Inc. 1988 - Ro-Na merged with Dismat, another building materials company, to create Ro-Na Dismat Group Inc. 1990 - Ro-Na formed an alliance with Hardware Wholesalers, Inc. of Fort Wayne, Indiana. 1997 - ITM Entreprises S.A., a France-based group, invests $30 million in the Ro-Na Dismat Group Inc. ITM becomes a shareholder and forms a purchasing alliance with Ro-Na. 1998 - Ro-Na eliminates the Le Quincailleur and Dismat names and introduces RONA L'express, RONA L'express Matériaux and RONA Le Rénovateur Régional. It also changes its name from Ro-Na Dismat Group Inc. to RONA Inc. 1999 - RONA opens a new warehouse adjacent to its headquarters, measuring 654,000 square feet (61,000 m²), doubling its warehousing capacity and achieving considerable cost savings. 2000 - RONA acquires Cashway Building Centres, with 66 stores. It permanently opens its online store on the website. 2001 - RONA acquires 51 Revy, Revelstoke and Lansing stores and thus owning many more stores in the Greater Toronto Area. 2002 - RONA closes a public offering consisting of a total offering of $150.1 million of Common Shares. RONA's Common Shares are then traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "RON". 2003 - RONA acquires Réno-Dépôt Inc. from British Kingfisher plc, including The Building Box stores. RONA also opens its third large distribution center in Calgary, Alberta. 2004 - RONA acquires Totem Building Supplies Ltd., an Alberta company. RONA Dream Home airs on Global. RONA also joins the AIR MILES Reward Program. 2005 - RONA Dream Home 2 airs on Global. 2006 - RONA acquires a majority (51%) stake in Matériaux Coupal Inc.. 2006 - RONA acquires Curtis Lumber Building Supplies 2007 - RONA acquires Burnaby, BC based Dick's Lumber 2007 - RONA acquires Nova Scotia based Castle Cash & Carry Post Processing: PhotoShop Elements 5: crop, balance, posterization, rough pastels, sandstone
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