ONLINE EDUCATION (Bachelor of Marketing)

This Bachelor of Marketing degree program features a specialization in Marketing and is designed so it may provide a solid background in business fundamentals, followed by an examination of specific aspects related to the field of marketing. Courses are structured to assist students in the development of their goals as they can acquire knowledge and skills common to today's marketing professionals.

A Bachelor of Marketing gives you the business skills to engage and influence valuable customers, develop brand loyalty and execute strategic marketing campaigns.

You will discover the role that marketing plays in the success of contemporary organisations and examine the industry's trends, responsibilities, needs and opportunities.
Some subjects covered when you study marketing:

Understanding Advertising
Consumer Behaviour
Marketing and Audience Research
Digital Marketing
Marketing Strategy
International Marketing
Key features

This is an interdisciplinary degree taught by widely published academics, professional marketers and award-winning media producers - all with industry experience.
Students will study both marketing strategy and analysis, and brand management.
Students will have access to the highest quality media studies facilities in Australia, with professional studio spaces, industry standard digital workstations, a specially equipped theatre and digital production tools.
Students will undertake an internship in a relevant industry and/or professional role
This degree emphasises a balanace of theoretical understanding and practical application, in both professional marketing and media spheres.

The Bachelor of Marketing (BS) program objective is to help students develop an understanding of consumer behavior and the broader environment within the operations of the organization, as well as developing skills in collecting, analyzing, and using information about customers, competitors, and the environment for managerial decisions. The Bachelor of Marketing (BS) program is offered online via distance learning. After evaluating both academic record and life experience, AIU staff working in conjunction with Faculty and Academic Advisors will assist students in setting up a custom-made program, designed on an individual basis.

This flexibility to meet student needs is seldom found in other distance learning programs. Our online program does not require all students to take the same subjects/courses, use the same books, or learning materials. Instead, the online Bachelor of Marketing (BS) curriculum is designed individually by the student and academic advisor. It specifically addresses strengths and weaknesses with respect to market opportunities in the student's major and intended field of work. Understanding that industry and geographic factors should influence the content of the curriculum instead of a standardized one-fits-all design is the hallmark of AIU's unique approach to adult education.

Marketing includes all activities that occur from the conception to the delivery of products or services. Students, who major in marketing, may learn about the six functional areas related to the marketing process - brand marketing, advertising, sales promotion, market research, sales, and retailing. In some cases, students might learn about product development, pricing, consumer decision making, legal aspects of marketing, and global marketing as well. Employers include large business and industrial firms but also smaller companies, private research organizations, and advertising agencies. Retail and wholesale trade, insurance, travel, and real estate are other areas where your training can open up job opportunities.
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