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by byronv2
These days, if you are a home business Pay Per Click advertiser, you are probably ready to tell Google to "Forget You". I can't blame you with that. Recently the web giant has begun a crack down on "Get Rich Quick" ads, whether they are that or not. What is a PPC advertiser to do to continue generating a steady flow of MLM leads?

Banner ads are rarely used or talked about in most MLM circles. People talk about web surfers being blind to banners and how they don't get good results. Nothing could be further from the truth, if you know what you are doing. I use this strategy to capture 5-10 very targeted prospects a day without breaking a sweat or the bank. The following are the secrets that I use to get these results.

If you have heard it once, you have heard it a thousand times about how important keyword research is. Take what you thought you knew about it and multiply it by 100. The research is critical to be sure you are getting in front of the right people. Once you have zeroed in on your words, search the interweb and see what sites return. Go through the first couple pages of site checking the traffic ranks and to see if they have banner ads on the sites already. Contact the sites you are interested in directly and see if they have any advertising available. If not, don't worry because you can always us a media buying company like BlogAds or BuySellAds.

Once you have done your keyword research, you need to look at the demographics for the sites you pulled up to search for ad spots. Use the demographics from those sites as a target for your ads. You don't want to be advertising your home biz opp on a site that sells Barbies. My favorite demo checkers are Alexa and Quantcast. They shouldn't be taken as the gospel, but can get you really close constraints with them.

Now that we have the right keywords and demographics for our target market, we need to get our banners. Here, you have several options. Most times the companies or affiliate products you represent will already have banners together that you can just copy and insert your tracking links. If there aren't stock banners available, you can create your own on Photoshop (or some other similar software) or outsource them. There are some great companies out there that will create banners and can help you with layouts and colors for under a couple of hundred bucks.

Here is the best part of banner ads: the prices. There are a couple of different ways to go about placing your ads. One familiar method is PPC (or CPC) and the other is CPM (cost per mille). PPC banner ads usually run under $ 1 per click depending on the site competition. The CPM ads often average around 50 cents per thousand impressions. If you got two clicks in you thousand impressions, your CPC is on 25 cents per click, which is awesome.

The last thing that you will need to decide is whether you want the banner to lead directly to your offer or to a landing page to presell the prospects. A good rule of thumb is if the product is over $ 100, then you need to take prospects to a landing page. Now this can depend on how good of keyword and demographic research you have done. If you have pinpointed both of these and are showing on the right site, you might not need a landing page. To be safe, when in doubt, create a landing page to ensure your conversions go up.

I realize banner ads are not as sexy to most as PPC, but your conversions can be the same and cost less with this method of advertising. If you are looking to pick up the pieces after getting the Google Slap, look to banner advertising to get your lead generation back on its feet and generating that steady stream of MLM leads that you have become accustomed to.
Eric McMillan is an entreprenuer, small business owner, and MLM Marketer. Go here if you would like to find out more about using banner ads for MLM Lead Generation. If you are ready to quit struggling and get on building your fortune, visit Eric McMillan's Unbelievable MLM Leads Explosion Method
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