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Creating events can often be a great strategy to reach your marketing and public relations goals if done correctly. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Gives you an opportunity to get in front of your target audiences; especially your customers or donors by using different channels to market the event.

2. Once you get them to your event, use that opportunity to inform them about your company, nonprofit or products. You can do this during the program portion of the event, using displays, having your marketing team roam and talking to people as they wait. If you create this as an annual event, the number of attendees will grow.

3. Might be a great way to get media to talk about your company.

There are a significant number of events that you can do. Auction. Awards ceremony. Ribbon cutting. Launch party. If you’re a non-profit and you received a cool donation, you can create an event that media may come. For example, Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, an organization that helps homeless men, women, and children, received an anonymous donation of brand new Tom’s Shoes. It’s not very often that homeless individuals received new items so instead of sending out a press release about the donation and keeping them in boxes (BORING), the public relations manager created an event where homeless individuals could come, try on a pair and walk away with a brand new pair of shoes. A local blog and two TV stations did a story on the event. Pretty good for something that was planned in a day because of a donation!

We at WinnComm have the experience to help you strategize and plan your event, either on a whim or in the future. Here’s what we offer:

  • Event strategy – what is your how and how to accomplish it?
  • Event planning & promotion
  • Media relations
  • Photography

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