Employment at WinnComm, LLC

Employment with WinnComm, LLC is nothing you've ever experienced. You'll be your own boss and meeting goals that you set for yourself. If you have long-term goals, we'll help you get there, even if it's launching your own company or product. We don't want you to feel trapped. We want you to believe in our story, our brand and be part of our team until your journey takes you onward and upward. We want to fulfill dreams….for our clients, ourselves and our team! We'll stand behind you 1,000+ percent!!! Also, if you refer the right candidate to WinnComm, LLC, we'll pay you $100USD (via PayPal) to thank you for finding us another piece of the puzzle.



Marketing Business Development Manager (part-time)
Sales Representative
Please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected] We will go over your resume and contact you if we think you're a perfect fit for our team of "Partners". Be creative on your cover letter and make it UNIQUE! Make sure you answer the question, why you would be a perfect fit with WinnComm!

Empowering passionate people to reach their dreams beyond expectations using our talents!

Creative Ideas, Strategic Planning & Sheer Determination

Let's get started!

Engagement is Key...

Once you engage, stay engaged! ~Jim Couts/Partner

Content Marketing...

You cannot succeed unless you know your story! ~Sharon Couts/Partner

Online Marketing

Is only dead, if you buried it before you even figured out the proper place to begin! ~Jim Couts/Partner