EllieB Beta Members – Social Networking

EllieB Beta Members – Social Networking

Beta “Members” are needed. Not for now, but for the life of your brand and dreams!

Ready to test a vision, a brand, and one EllieB, an American suburban grandmother whose vision to design a game-changer for the arts is about to come true. Her passion and love for the world! Well, I have to say that working on this project is by far exhilarating to furthest galaxy from our own and back about infinity times.

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Your dreams, your visions all wrapped up in one location, where social networking used to be the term, now everyone calls this social media… Social media is by far the worst term because everyone forgot what social networking was all about, we all know that networking is very detrimental to a person/business’ brand.

However, that’s why EllieB.network will be your full-on gateway to networking the right way and soon to be the ONLY way, online!
Determination, Commitment, Inspiration, service to others by one suburban grandmother with a vision to leave a legacy to the arts

Company Overview:

The EllieB.Network (EBN) is a custom-designed unique social networking platform that combines specific industries within one integrative multimedia network. The sole objective is to offer proactive support in the promotion, distribution of merchandise, and sales of artistic relations for artists, talents, and luxury brands.


Founder and designer, Ellie B. Brown has 30+ years of award winning industry expertise as host, entertainer, and producer, who has successfully promoted tens of thousands of artists, talents, and brands worldwide. She has been mentored by one of the greats … Merv Griffin (link to EllieB’s IMDB)

General information:

The EBN’s mission is to bring the world closer together by showcasing our shared humanity through arts and philanthropy using the old-school style of promotions, glamor and social networking that fulfills dreams. INDUSTRIES SERVED: Beauty, Fashion, Luxury Lifestyle Products, Entertainment Industry, Event Creation, and Promotion, as well as Fitness & Health Professionals & Charitable Organization. A movement of hope … one artist at a time.

If you’re interested, and really want onboard… Sign up today for the home run that’s getting ready to be hit! Don’t strike out and become that one back there in the back… “Oh but umm, what does it cost me”. The answer is NOTHING! So stop whining and stalling today, let EllieB show you here in June what it’s all about!

Best regards,
Jim Couts/Partner

WinnComm, LLC

… and most of all VP of Technologies and Business Development to EllieB Block Party Productions, LLC

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