All About Freelance Copywriting Jobs

The word "copy" simply means material that a client wants published. A client might hire you to write copy online or offline, for a website, magazine, book, restaurant menu, brochures, posters, user manuals... the list is virtually endless.

Anything that needs writing needs a writer. This makes the list of freelance copywriting jobs seemingly infinite. If you have superior writing skills (i.e. excellent grammar and a skill for stringing words together), then you can become a great copywriter.

How much can I earn as a freelance copywriter?

Freelance copywriters regularly earn more than enough money to support themselves and their families. It takes hard work to establish a name for yourself and market your abilities to the public, but you can achieve a decent pay rate between $ 35 and $ 50 an hour.

Beginner freelance copywriters usually earn around $ 20 per hour. Experienced freelancer copywriters earn $ 50-75 per hour and up.

Where do I find freelance copywriting jobs?

The Internet is the ultimate resource for freelancing jobs. Join sites like Elance, IFreelance, and Guru. All of these sites will let you create a profile that includes an online portfolio to showcase your work to potential clients.

On the sites listed above, people post projects to hire writers, and freelance writers bid on them. It's a competitive business because many writers are willing to underbid just to get some quick cash. Usually, however, buyers are able to distinguish a poor writer from a good writer based on their bids, so you should still be able to earn reasonable wages.

If you have some experience under your belt, create a website of your own so clients can come to you. Copywriters with their own websites regularly earn more than those who bid on freelancing websites, simply because a website lends credibility to your abilities.

How do I showcase myself as a freelance copywriter?

Whether you're writing copy for your own website or responding to an ad, make sure your writing style reflects the image you want to convey.

This means you should have perfect grammar, flawless spelling and syntax, and zero typos, no matter what. If you can't get your own advertising materials right, why should clients trust you with their projects?

How do I pitch myself as a freelance copywriter?

Okay, so you have the grammar down. Now what?

Well, this is where you want to appeal to the market segment of the job you're trying to land. Many freelance copywriters lose copywriting jobs because they generalize their bids. Resist the temptation to tell potential clients everything you've ever done and every type of writing you can handle.

For example, it's much better to tell a restaurant owner who wants new menus this:

"I specialize in creating menus that tantalize customers and enhance your restaurant's reputation. I can make even Mac and Cheese sound like a delicacy!"

instead of this:

"I'm an expert in writing web copy, e-books, promotional material, and reports. Whatever your writing need, I can handle it for you."

The reason the second way won't work is because clients want to pay a copywriter to share the passion they have for their projects, whether they realize it or not. You wouldn't believe the number of copywriters who respond to an ad the second way, just because they don't want to spend a lot of time bidding.

Sample ad for you to try:

Read the ad below and see if you can figure out how to make an enticing bid:

"I need someone to help me write an e-book about natural cures for depression. I have done all the research myself and it's mostly organized into chapter headings. I just need a great writer to make it come to life. It's an educational book but it should be easy to read, too. No technical mumbo-jumbo."

All right, this person has put together a book outline that she obviously cares a lot about. To impress her, you'll need to respond to her bid that shows you share her enthusiasm for the subject matter.

Try something like:

"I think it's wonderful you've put together such a worthwhile book. Depression is an epidemic in our country and I would be honored to be part of a project that works toward a solution."

That's a great start. Remember, if you take the time to tailor your bid to suit the project, you'll have no problem standing out from the crowd as a freelance copywriter.
Brian Scott is a full-time freelance writer with over a decade of experience. He finds many of his paid freelance copywriting jobs at Online Writing Jobs (, a free jobboard that lets you search thousands of freelance writing jobs. - Ballerina
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