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Introduction to BlogToWinn

You are wanting to get the leading edge on your Online Marketing are you not, no matter if you are a startup, small company, organization that does online marketing for clients? Well you have have made it to the right place! Not only that, but you want to get high rankings in the search engines? Did you even know you needed rankings?

What’s that you say; you haven’t had a single visit from a search engine spider, let alone the thousands of visitors your site deserves?

Believe it or not this is the norm for most websites around the world. Most people don’t realize it but if you don’t have some sort of link to your website, then the search engines will NEVER stumble across your site by accident. Never, not ever! And that means you won’t get indexed by them and if you aren’t indexed then you get no visitors. The internet is a terribly lonely place if people don’t come calling.

And if you are selling an idea or a product then your site could be dead and you not even realize it for months. A long slow lingering internet death is NOT fun.

BlogToWinn(BTW) is an automated blog and ping software, Microsoft Windows platform application, that allows the user to automatically preset blog posting and pinging times, and at the same time dynamically generate content at scheduled timeslots for his or her blog(s).

That’s not all, for the content that BTW generates is relevant to your blog and is keyword rich, which put simply, is fantastic for site rankings in search engines. What’s more, BTW even pings your blogs for you!


Feature Sets Below will be posted in General but “not” limited to, as there are a TON of cool features for you to utilize and take charge within your online marketing today:

  • Profile based blog managing
    • Meaning, you will set everything up as a per se “job”
  • Multi-Blog account under one profile support
    • Meaning you can have 100’s to thousands of blogs under one “Profile”
  • Multi-blog account post to specified categories.
    • Meaning where it’s user defined, if you have blogs hosted elsewhere, and you would like to post to just certain “categories” within your blogs.
  • Handles the content in many fashions from Files, URLs, and valid RSS Feeds
    • Post from files meaning, you can use .txt, htm, html, shtml, and etc… Where you can define #breaks# and so forth.
      • Utilize our newest breakthrough, BlogToWinn’s Markov Cloaker within your text files now, where you can post new and freshly generated content EVERYTIME you post to your blogs you may use this easy to use but Advanced in Technology feature without having to worry about duplicating content.
    • Post from URLs (Meaning, you can do all of the following and then some more):
      • You can “spider” your site or ANY website, with your own predefined “user-agents”
      • You can use MSN, Yahoo, and Google to find content for you, meaning you type in the keyword(s) your niche is in and it’ll display results back too you with however deep you need to go! You can even filter the content to allow adult content if needbe
      • Define the content to your needs, meaning you can strip anything and keep whatever you need it’s all user-defined. (safe guard against spam and junk)
      • You can do “auto-define” of content as well.
      • Utilize our newest breakthrough, BlogToWinn’s Markov Cloaker within posting from URL(s) content that you may define or auto-define. Where our coolest and most used feature (BTW Markov Cloaker) will automatically generate the URL(s) you specify contents day and night, and never having to worry about plagiarism, duplicated content, or whatever it may be that is holding you back from spidering your competition’s website(s)
      • Many other options…
    • Post from Valid RSS Feeds:
      • You can post as many feeds in this area.
      • Make it post only “IF” it is relevant to whatever keywords you specify within.
      • Post random content from the RSS Feeds.
      • Choose how many items per blog account you would like to have posted.
    • Content OPTIONS:
      • Mix up the contents order.
        • Meaning, where it rearranges and rewrites for you.
      • Unique content per blog .
        • Meaning, where there is NEVER duplicated content on your blogs EVER!
      • Link text.
        • Meaning, where in lieu of the Read more… link you can change this to whatever you like, we would recommend you use a keyword as an example e.g. Automated blog and ping… (Remember this is just an example.)
      • URL Rewrite.
        • Meaning, you can rewrite URLs if you grabbed content from elsewhere, if you need to rewrite the Read more… link or any link that has content into it.
        • All in all, as you see BlogToWinn will take the links and change it accordingly as the above example.
      • Keywords in Titles:
        • Meaning, where you can add keywords, mainly for SEO purposes, for the search engines!
      • Signatures:
        • Meaning, where you can add, banners, code, tracking codes, text links back, whatever it may be you can use this too your advantage in so many fashions, where it’ll post in ever post within your blog(s), everytime you post.
      • Tags:
        • In support of tagging and pinging at the same time
    • Pings:
      • User-defined ping list, comes with a preset list of pinging services already.
    • Proxies:
      • You will be able to provide a full range of proxies that you may post through that will be entitling you to post greater and faster than ever, because you will not have to worry about bans, IP bans, pinging bans, and etc…
      • You will have the ability to post non-stop day and night, which will also mask your TRUE IP Address, and keep your originating IP Address from being exposed.
    • Upload Times:
      • Upload Now
      • Upload at Defined Times
      • Upload everyday between the defined times randomly
      • Maximum limit to upload

    Basically this is the so called “small feature list” of BlogToWinn! There is so much more power and no such thing as banning from the Search Engines using our software! Guaranteed, and it safeguards you from doing so.

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So I suppose now you’d like the answer to this dilemma?

Blogs! Blogs are a huge part of the answer! Yep that’s it, blogs. Blog is short for weblogs. In case you aren’t aware, weblogs is just geek speak for online diaries, where you can put your personal reflections or advertisements for your website and so on. The important thing here is that the search engines love blogs because they know how important they are to the online community. A lot of people read blogs to keep up with the latest news on a huge range of diverse subjects from all around the world.

Soooo, you create your very own personal blog using one of the free services like Blogger or WordPress. You diligently write in it every day, putting your very heart and soul into it. At the end of the week you check your sites logs and, you find nothing, not a single visitor. Still! What the? All that time typing just wasted!

Do you see a pattern developing here? I hope so because otherwise I’m just wasting good typing time!

Then you have the…

So the REAL answer to the entire blog ping dilemma is. BlogToWinn.

Yep indeed, that’s it, BlogToWinn. A revolutionary new product with no hype nor gimmicks, just straightforward ease of use to get you started on getting visitors and making money online. The things you deserve after all your hard work and toil. This is a simple idea with an incredible amount of work behind it. In simple terms what BlogToWinn does for you is;

  • Write your blog entries for you! Yes that’s right, once you set up BlogToWinn’s parameters (within a few seconds) it will venture forth across the internet and gather up content that is keyword rich, relevant to your site and post it on your blog for you.
  • BlogToWinn will ping for you! Ping is a term that means let the sites that are interested in blogs know you’ve made a posting (more on this a little later as it’s an important part of the process).
  • BlogToRank will ping more sites than ANY other product available on the market, and more will be added with each program update. Post to multiple blogs at once. So if you have several blogs on several sites it will update them all at once or on a timed schedule. As if all of the above wasn’t enough, it does all this automatically!
  • Once it’s all setup you just sit back and watch the traffic increase and along with your revenue. (Only if you can convert them while they come.)

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More about the process called Pinging.

In the simplest terms, pinging is the process of letting the blogging related sites know that you’ve posted some new content on your blog. So if you see someone say something like I pinged my site today then that’s what they mean.

This is a very important step in the process of getting your site indexed and ranked on the search engines. What happens is the following;

  • A ping (notification) is sent to the hundreds of blogging sites that want to know of ANY new content posted on blogs across the internet. It’s their lifeblood, what they live for. These sites are all ranked very highly on all the major search engines, which mean in most cases, any new content posted on their sites gets investigated almost immediately, usually within seconds.
  • The blogging sites each send a robot to grab your new content and post examples of it on their site with links back to you attached to each one.
  • Now remember the search engines crawl these sites constantly and as soon as they see a new link they follow it, which of course leads them to your site.
  • And bingo! Your site starts getting indexed too! Because the search engines have found your site they will then gobble up all your indexed pages, and you will see more and more of your pages in the search engines indexes.

And the next thing you know you’ve increased your sites popularity, you’re getting visitors and people are linking to your site because it’s just so darn popular!

So stop sitting there on your hands hoping people will somehow find your site. THEY WILL NOT!

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Because BTW is the best out there! Unlike its competitors, BTW is a Windows blog and ping based application. This means that it does not rely on server uptime or resources to run. YOU run it! In other words, you have total control over the whole application anytime! However, there is a new add-on the BlogToWinn Server-Side Bundle, which will just simply automate your blog posting.

Besides that, BTW is the only product that also pings at the same time for your blogs. Ping is a term that means let the sites that are interested in blogs know you’ve made a posting (more on this a little later as it’s an important part of the process). BlogToWinn will ping more sites than ANY other product available on the market, and more will be added with each program update.

Ready to buy BlogToWinn today, and get a head start on all of your competitors that don’t know about it yet!

So if you’re still sitting here reading this, then I think you’ve missed the point! Visitors equal money; money equals independence; independence equals the time to do all those important things you’ve put off for years like taking a well deserved holiday. And remember! BlogToWinn will keep on working for you, driving targeted visitors to your site, whether you’re soaking up the sun on a beach in the Bahamas or out taking the kids to baseball practice. 24 hours a day, 365 and a quarter days a year, BlogToWinn works for YOU. All of your automatic blog and ping needs in one software. What are you waiting for?

Order Now!!!

Life just got easier.  The staff at BlogToWinn is very happy to announce the upgrade that makes BlogToWinn the standard bearer for state of the art Blogging and Pinging.  Imagine finding a way to save time and manage several blogs with several content sources.  Life just got easier with adding extensive keyword lists. If you have been waiting for the ultimate Blogging tool, then your wait just ended.

If you want to use BlogToWinn as a stand alone product then the new features will save you time.  It is easy to set up and maintain.  If you need the highly professional server side set up, you will be pleased with the easy installation and set up here, too. Life just got easier when it comes to posting of content to your chosen blogs.  Whether you have one blog or several you can benefit by using BlogToWinn Of course there is a user manual with easy to follow pictures. The excellent customer support staff is available to help you through the initial set up if necessary.  Simply contact customer support through the members’ area.

When you combine this upgraded BTW with the already multiple use features, you are going to be very happy with the results.  Whether you choose to use BlogToWinn Server Side, or to use the original set up, the features work equally as well.

BlogToWinn is all about choice.  At BlogToWinn we listen to our customers, and we realize that BTW is used different ways for different people.  It is our goal at BTW to present you with a product that will grow with you as your needs and demands for a Blog and Ping tool change.  If you just want prewritten articles to auto post while on vacation that is easy enough.  However, if you want something to add all the content to your blogs because you find you just do not have time to manage all your blogs, then what you have been waiting for has arrived.

Order your copy of BlogToWinn today.  See what we mean when we say, “Life just got easier.”


BlogToWinn Main Application’s Min. System Requirements:
Windows Server 2012
Processor: Dual Xeons 4.0+GHz and above
Memory: 64GB RAM
Harddrive: 755MB Diskspace (required for installation)
Screen Size 1024×768

All of the above will be supplied to you by WinnComm after a successful purchase.

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You will be able to run your very own blog marketing campaigns within your own virtualized environment setup by WinnComm. You’ll be trained for three days via teleconference and using Team Viewer application by Jim Couts. The leader and innovative think tank that came up with the solution to cure everyone’s woe! Marketing companies normally spend literally thousands upon thousands of dollars on PPC campaigns that don’t produce organic results within the top three search engines.

One time charge and setup fees are the same. Please note you are actually renting server space, you will not need to download anything, nor will you have the rights to download the software to run this since the complexity of it all is best handled.

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