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Content Marketing

Blog Marketing

A software solution that uses natural seeding to rank companies, products or services to top positions within the search engines.

CMS Solution

A CMS – eCommerce software solution that makes editing content and selling products on websites easy without the need for HTML!

Email Marketing

A software solution that easily produces and sends out mass emails, auto-responders and create new email signup lists with a click of a button.

Content Generation

Markov Content Generator

A software solution that uses a mixture of Markov Mathematics, artificial intelligence with the help of it’s own built-in thesaurus to easily create unduplicated content for websites and blogs.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research Tool

A software solution that easily uncovers keywords, keyphrases for any website and also extracts the content from your competitors!

Survey Lead Generation

A survey software solution that uses incentives to generate live leads or customer feedback.

Appointment Scheduler

More information on this product coming real soon!