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WinnComm Launches

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WinnComm Launches Digital Online Marketing B2B Products to Improve Search Engine Rankings

RENTON, WA – Jan 3, 2015 – WinnComm, a business development company, announces its launch that includes a suite of B2B high-tech solutions. WinnComm is a business development company that assists start-ups and existing companies with launching new products from conception to market sustainability. We are not just a product marketing company!

WinnComm president, Jim Couts, has over 15 years of business and software development experience and codes in eight computer languages. He developed and coded all of WinnComm’s B2B product solutions. Vice-president, Sharon Thomas, has over a decade experience in public relations. WinnComm has the expertise to assist companies from conception to marketing sustainability or anywhere in between with its products and services. Products are offered under the BlogToWinn name.


A software solution that uses natural seeding to rank companies, products or services to top positions on search engines.

Markov Content Solution:

A software solution that uses a mixture of Markov Mathematics, artificial intelligence and an online thesaurus to easily create unduplicated content for Websites and blogs.

Keyword Finder Research Solution:

A software solution that easily uncovers keywords for any website

Survey Lead Generation Solution:

A survey software solution that uses incentives to generate live leads or customer feedback.

CMS Ecommerce Solution:

A CMS ecommerce software solution that makes editing content and selling products on Websites easy!

MadMailer Email Marketing Solution:

A software solution that easily produces and sends out mass emails and auto-responders.

All products and services are currently available for purchase worldwide at


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