4 steps revealed on how to get free small business marketing services exposure

Are there actually ways that you can get valuable promoting exposure without needing to spend any money?

you bet your bottom dollar there are. The trick to revealing these methods is to think about creative ways you can get your products or services in front of, or in the hands of, your prospects. And that last part is critical. It is only valuable selling if it is centered at the people you have identified are most inclined to buy your goods and services.

one ) Share your knowledge

If you have specialized knowledge or expertise related to your business, think about paths to share that knowledge. Consider writing a regular column for a website or publication that targets the same customers you target. Become a regular contributor to a magazine or radio or TV programme.

two ) Create information Products

Package and distribute your knowledge in the form of an Ezine, Newsletter or Special Report. Build your contact list and distribute this valuable information on a consistent basis. Use this as a chance to market your services and products and be certain to Include offers or bonuses to recipients who act by a certain date.

3 ) Offer conventions and Do presentations

Do you supply a professional or personal service? Consider booking yourself for talking engagements where you can supply valuable information in your neighborhood of experience to groups of folk. Ensure the groups are representative of the types of consumers or clients you believe are most certain to benefit from your services. This method serves one or two selling purposes.

First, it is getting you out in front of your prospects. In marketing this is called creating awareness and it is step one toward making a sale.
2nd, it permits folks the opportunity to get to know you and / or your services. And with a service business, where clients are purchasing you ( that really is what they are purchasing when they purchase your services ) it is critical that they understand the services you provide and that they start to know you. Folk like working with people they like. Offered a choice between hiring 2 folks with the same abilities and services, most people will choose the person they like or feel the best chemistry with.

be sure to give visitors an offer on your goods at the end of your presentation. Give the provide a deadline to form urgency for them to take advantage of the offer on the spot.

4 ) Give Something Away

Find a way to give away samples of your products. Is there an organisation or group meeting or any other event that's trying to find donations to be given away as door prizes?

Why not donate a package of your services or products? You will gain exposure ( a free advertisement by the group leader ) among the whole group when your package is either auctioned off, or voiced and given away in front of everyone. You are also giving the person that wins the package the opportunity to sample your services at no risk.

You might further leverage this marketing by offering the winner a motivation to refer others to you. The winner might also be a great person to provide feedback to you, or a testimonial regarding how they felt about your service or product, you can use in future marketing.

Yes, there might be a hard cost associated with the product you are giving away, or a time cost associated with the time you are giving, however when you weigh that cost against the number of individuals that are being exposed to your goods and services, usually it is easily worth it. And it certainly is cheap ( and generally better ) compared to purchasing an advert.

My advice is to include this kind of activity into your operational budget and simply consider it a price of doing business.

There are all types of methods to generate exposure of your products and services without paying for advertising space. Yes, occasionally this does involve giving away product or service, but I do not consider a hard selling cost. I've found that the benefits always outweigh the price of my time or my products.
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2014 - Panama Canal Transit - Canal Railroad
The Panama Canal Railway was pulling cars mostly laden with Maersk Line containers. In 2103 there was much media attention to an announcement that Maersk would stop using the Panama Canal and transfer their shipping to the Suez Canal as a cost saving plan. Subsequently they have not cancelled all Panama traffic but it looks like they are using the railroad to lessen the transit cost (oops, assuming too much, like is the railway cheaper?). 11 MARCH 2013 - BLOOMBERG (Maersk Line, the world’s biggest container shipping company, will stop plying through the Panama Canal to move goods from Asia to the U.S. east coast as bigger ships help the company move it profitably through Suez Canal. Maersk Line will send vessels through Suez Canal that can carry as many as 9,000 20-foot boxes at a time, instead of using two 4,500-box-vessels through Panama Canal, Soeren Skou, chief executive officer of Maersk Line, said in Singapore today. The last sailing through Panama will be on April 7 and the first service through Suez will be a week later, the company said in an e-mail statement. “The economics are much, much better via the Suez Canal simply because you have half the number of ships,” Skou said. “One of the reasons for why this is happening now is that the cost for passing through the Panama Canal has gone up. At the end of the day, it comes down to cost.” Shipping lines, including Maersk Line and Neptune Orient Lines Ltd., have cut costs, reduced speed of their fleet and sold some vessels to contend with freight rates that are below break-even levels. Maersk Line, based in Copenhagen, has said pressure on charges will remain this year. Fees for ships to go through the Panama Canal have tripled in the past five years to $450,000 per passage for a vessel carrying 4,500 containers, Skou said. The distance from China to the U.S. east coast via the Suez Canal is about 4 percent to 5 percent more, he said. A $5.25 billion expansion of Panama Canal, the waterway handling 5 percent of global trade, will open by June 2015, six months later than originally planned. The canal connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and is used by as many as 14,000 vessels a year. Whether Maersk will use the Panama Canal after the expansion will depend on the economics, Skou said. Kyunghee Park, Copyright 2013 Bloomberg. 22 APRIL 2013 - BUSINESS INSIGHT IN LATIN AMERICA "Maersk not abandoning Panama, but shifting Asia-US east coast trades to Suez" While global shipping line Maersk is reducing its transits through the Panama Canal, it is not altogether abandoning the route, Ariel Frias, marketing and communications manager for Maersk Central America and Caribbean told BNamericas. "This is a shift in one route on the basis of achieving economies of scale. It doesn't mean that Maersk is abandoning Panama," said Frias. At the beginning of April, Maersk stopped sending Asia-US east coast cargo through the Panama Canal, opting instead to use the Suez Canal. The reason for the switch is "very basic," according to Frias. Maersk can deploy vessels of up to 9,000TEUS along the Suez Canal while the maximum capacity along the Panama Canal is 5000TEUS. As a result, the unit cost to use the Suez Canal is much lower and "this creates significant economies of scale," said Frias. There are many other Maersk services that will continue to be served through the Panama Canal, such as the Oceania service that supplies the Oceania-US east coast route as well as exports from South and Central America to northern Europe and the Mediterranean. In real terms, the switch for the Asia-US east coast route will mean just a 14% decrease in annual Maersk transits across the Panama Canal, said the manager. In 2012, Maersk carried out 533 transits through the Panama Canal, approximately 15% of total containerized trade through the canal. Maersk also accounted for roughly 15% of the canal's total US$960mn revenue for the container segment in 2012, according to the manager. Switching the TP7 vessels (that serve the Asia-US east coast route) to the Suez Canal will mean a drop of just two transits per week (of a current total of 10 or 11) through the Panama Canal. Frias confirmed that Maersk would reassess the route switch once the expanded Panama Canal is operational by June 2015. NOTE: This date will not be met and opening is slated now early to mid 2016. Hmmmmmm!! "The Suez route is 4%-7% longer than the Panama Canal route and so, all things equal, if you can deploy the same vessel size on both routes, the shorter distance through Panama will make it a more attractive option." Fees to pass through the Panama Canal have tripled in the last five years and while Frias confirmed that it "is an important factor in our cost analysis,* the most important reason behind Maersk's switch to the Suez Canal is "the lower unit cost." "We will sail the Suez with 9,000 TEUS until we have a similar alternative with Panama," concluded Frias. 05 JULY 2104 - SHIPWATCH "The Panama Canal: Maersk Line will return" Maersk Line will return to the Panama Canal, partly due to demands from major American customers, says the Canal administration of the important route in an exclusive interview with ShippingWatch.
By Ted's photos - Returns late December on 2014-04-19 13:46:53

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