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Building your dreams

Grow your business with us!

We take your dream to heart. We want to see your company grow as much as you do. That is why we are dedicated to helping you reach your goals using creativity, expertise and experience to take your business to a different level. However, we are not your simple fly-by-night Seattle SEO, public relations or business development agency. We believe in long-term commitment, determination and success. We believe in our strategies but we do not falsely promise overnight results.

Our team is well-versed in assisting startups and helping established companies identify new goals of growth. You’ll love working with us, side-by-side because it’s never a dull moment in this changing online and offline marketing world we live in. Whatever your dream is, we will assist you every step of the way ensuring your business goals become a reality.


We insist on 500% Communication with EVERY client!

We follow strict guidelines when it comes to communications and business ethics with our clients, team and vendors. We will work hard and make sure that all of our clients are extremely happy with our services and support for them! We consider our clients, team and vendors as partners in a world of business, dreams and determination. Your dream is our aspiration and we never let go of our dreams!

Engagement is Key...

Once you engage, stay engaged! ~Jim Couts/Partner

Content Marketing...

You cannot succeed unless you know your story! ~Sharon Couts/Partner

Online Marketing

Is only dead, if you buried it before you even figured out the proper place to begin! ~Jim Couts/Partner

“Jim was one of the most talented online marketing professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with, so it’s without hesitation that I write this recommendation and one should only hope that they will be so lucky as to have him on their project.”

“Did an exceptional job on a recent project for us. Jim is a detail oriented and hardworking CEO who can be trusted. Independent and responsible. Very positive attitude towards work. Has a strong determination to fulfill his goals, while being honest to others. I can recommend Jim as a person with great expertise and deep knowledge of modern and advanced solutions.”

“Sharon has taught me so much about media relations! Sharon knows how to be an effective partner with media– they like working worth her, and she has taught me how to work with reporters and journalists. She understands their jobs, and therefore how to find the places where our interests and needs overlap. She understands what messages, what doesn’t, and what the unspoken accidental messages could be from any given act of communication.”

“Jim Couts was one of the most dedicated professionals through his work at WinnComm. He is a self motivated, smart and achievement oriented CEO. Multi-skilled expert. Jim never refuses you when you ask him for help. When you get to connect with him, you’ll discover an amazing person with unique skills!”

Justin, Microsystems

“Jim was one of the most dedicated professionals through his work at WinnComm. He is one of the best among all people I have ever worked with in the field of business development. Jim is an innovative, deadline oriented, independent and energetic CEO’s out there but most of all a TRUE team member. Precise and creative also comes to mind.”

Natlie, Game develop and VR developer

“What I like most about WinnComm are two things.  One is I like Sharon and her “balance” she brings to me personally.  She is very thoughtful and insightful way about approach.  The second is the flexibility because I am working weekends and evenings too, so your availability during that time is very beneficial to me.”

Our Proven Process Produces Results


We are here to listen, consult and build your dreams without interruptions!


Our team comes together to create a strategic plan to reach your targeted goals!


After agreeing with the plan, we execute strategies using tactical means ensuring your goals become realities!


We test messaging, channels and audiences. We make sure we’re getting the best possible results!


Analyzing results to determine campaign success. That doesn’t mean we’re done, new strategies are needed to keep growing!

We’re Here To Help Your Business Reach the Stars!

Creative Ideas, Strategic Planning & Sheer Determination

Let’s Get Started!